The Value Of Patience Or The Advanced Principles Of Honesty

Think! Life is work when you have to earn your way through. When you do though, it is totally worth it and nobody can genuinely take it away from you. With that meant and hopefully understood, I begin this article. Sure, I could make things more complicated seeming than values of patience, honesty, hard work and all the other earned values that make a good existence that works. Face it though, indeed, that is it. There is not any getting around reality. None.

The reality of from the essence creativity, is that it is hard work, patience and a genuine time and spiritual investment that takes a lot of things that need to be done with leisure and doing what we want to do coming after that investment takes root in the essential idea. Skill is developed, not given so much. The root of the skill or talent may be given, still work needs to be done patiently to genuinely develop repeatable mastery, though. After all that is genuinely and time developed though, that is where the seeming ease and speedy mastery comes in. Hence, the saying “It takes a long time to make an overnight success.” Failure and fraud only comes through destructively skipping these steps and practicing irrational theft or attempting cheating. If found out, the cheating is not successful it is only an attempt and not successful and as is said, there is only a such thing as the perfect virtue (patient development and hard work), not the perfect crime (“successful” cheating, stealing or fraud). Faking it until making it does not really work ultimately. Building values from the ground up always does even if the work of mastery and honesty are hard at the beginning of the work. To build anything meaningful, this work needs to be done or the consequences of faking it and fraud are dire and bad.

With the above said: The way to make good consequences is to start from the bottom and work honestly to the top in a genuinely masterful way that embraces the essential good work that is needed to make a great creation instead of “faking it to make it”. Indeed, truth be told honestly: A great foundation and great building leads to great results, a bad foundation and a good foundation leads to bad results, and a bad foundation and bad building leads to bad results. Read that last part carefully for the first answer about the structure of results in anything is the right one, and the last two answers about the structure of results in anything are the wrong ones. The building idea is only a metaphorical vehicle, but, the only correct answer is that if we build a great structure or result we get a great structure or result all around. Without that patience and honesty to do that, everything is bad. In all reality, mastery and being a master of anything starts out hard work. It becomes second nature reality, and we grow on from there to our next phase or stand still and die eventually in “ease” and “retirement”. Existence constantly exists, so we must give it the best we can give it.

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