Make-up remover should not be applied for long time

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Today’s female friends are increasingly valued for makeup removal and cleansing. Many people advocate a skin care concept is how long it takes to make up, how long it takes to remove makeup. For this practice, the beauty expert hurriedly stopped. Experts said that many girls now have the “poison” of the manufacturers, because the manufacturers are promoting, must remove the makeup, must be unloaded, so many girls bought eye and lip makeup remover, cleansing oil, cleansing milk, and then use Facial cleanser is not necessary.

As with unhealthy makeup, excessive makeup removal is just as unhealthy. Because many of the makeup removers contain a lot of alcohol, staying on the skin for a long time or using it in large quantities can cause the skin to become thinner and become more sensitive. Moreover, the makeup remover, especially the cleansing oil, contains a surfactant to break the water and oil interface and wash off the makeup with high oil content. The surfactant has a certain stimulation on the skin, which is why it must be removed after makeup removal. The reason for washing with plenty of water.

Therefore, the correct method of removing makeup is to use the makeup remover for the eyes and lips, and then use the facial makeup remover. Do not reuse the makeup remover. The time for the makeup remover to stay on the face is preferably three to five minutes.