Is there any way to judge the lungs?


The lung is the highest place in the viscera, and it has been compared to “canopy”, which means to shield the rest of the body. It is not difficult to see the importance of the lungs in the body. Through the exchange of internal and external gas, toxins are discharged to the outside and nutrients are absorbed in to maintain the physiological function of the body, which has an irreplaceable effect.

In life, there are very few people who really know how to raise the lungs. Most of them are working against the lungs, smoking, drinking, smog, car exhaust, kitchen oil fume, all are the natural enemies of the lungs. Living in such an environment every day will inevitably be polluted. You should always be vigilant and pay attention to its health. Having “Four Looks” every day can help you better understand it and protect it.

To see if the skin is changing. Generally, the pores have not become enlarged, the skin is still delicate and elastic, the spots are not many, and the complexion looks very rosy. It is worth being happy. The ancients said that when the lungs live, the blood of the body can effectively circulate under the impetus of the lung qi, and it is continuously transported to all parts of the body to nourish the skin pores. When the lungs are unblocked, the skin’s breathing will be more normal, it can interact with the outside air, absorb oxygen, and spit out toxins, making the skin look moist and shiny, and the pores are not easy to expand. It can be said that the lung qi is the skin’s barrier. Once a problem occurs, it is often the skin that is accumulated first.

To see if the hair is dry, you can see the eyebrows on the face. Whether the eyebrows are dry or not, few people associate it with lung air. The skin person, the lungs, means that the skin and the hair are related to the lung qi. The growth of human eyebrows cannot be separated from the nourishment of blood. When the nutrients in the blood are normally supplied, the growth of eyebrows can be continued, and it is not easy to dry and fall off. When the lungs are weak, there is no power to push the blood to run, making it difficult for the blood to go up, so that it cannot supply the eyebrows, and the eyebrows look unsightly and even dry.

See if the breathing is smooth, the lungs open to the nose, and the nose mainly breathes. Lung Qi runs unhindered in the body, and it also originates from the fact that there is no obstruction in the body. It acts like an advance officer and acts as an open circuit. It is conceivable that when it is not running smoothly, there will also be problems with the breathing of the nose, which will affect the normal breathing function, and the entire breathing will become quicker, and the chest will feel stuffy. In this case, the problem of the nose will become more prominent, and it is easy to runny nose, allergies and so on.

See if the urine is low, and the sudden decrease in urine volume will also be related to the inability of the lungs to properly declare. The entire water-liquid circulation and metabolic process in the human body are completed under the coordinated operation of the viscera, and problems in one of the links will affect the water-liquid metabolism. The ancients said that “lungs live through water diversion channels”, and this is exactly the reason. When it cannot be dredged properly, the rate of urine production will be reduced, and the volume of urination and the number of urination times per day will be significantly lower than before. Without the metabolized water, sputum is easily generated, which is excreted with cough.

The lungs are okay, as can be seen from many parts of the body. Skin, hair, breathing, and urine can all reflect your health. Pay attention every day. At the same time, we must pay more attention to maintenance, soak water with Houttuynia cordata as much as possible, and eat foods such as tadpoles. Old smokers especially need to pay attention to raising lungs, the accumulation of smoke poison is very fast, and the impact on the body is greater. Don’t damage your health due to greedy mouth.